Monday, February 06, 2017

Ep 6? Conversations Worth Having ~ Five Wishes

photo by Randy Sutherland, Guelph, 2017
When is one’s death reasonably foreseeable? My dad has always said “We’re all gonna die of something” and you'll hear my parents' actual voices in this episode!!

You know this stat right? 10/10 of us are going to die.  

As one’s life changes, and one's unique health condition evolves, one’s hopes change.  

For someone with a terminal illness, at first they might want to survive it.  Then they may want to survive it at least for some amount of time. Then they may start to wish at least for a good death…  hopes change.  

Thanks for tuning in to a Conversations Worth Having series on aging and death -- aimed at helping you discuss hopes and wishes on important topics with others.  This time, we will hear from Jennifer Mackie, an expert on Medical Assistance in Dying... and give a listen to Neon Tombstone from the Wood Brothers.

We will also hear an excerpt of another CFRU program - Clan a gael - from Hallowe'en, and a day the host John dedicated a song to this project, to called "Finnegan's Wake."

enjoy! Kim Logue-like-Vogue

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