Friday, February 03, 2017

Conversations Worth Having ~ Conversing About Death (+ Musical Reflections)

Welcome to the Conversing About Death Episode.  In this edition we are in discussion with an active RN, and, contemplative end of life coach, Marion Willms.  Community care is very bumpy in a system with resources already stretched; not to mention the impending demographics of the gray wave or silver tsunami. We touch on a challenging situation for healthcare, and how hospital beds cost $1600 per day, with 15% of them being used by people who just can't go home.

I like posting audio I produce at cfru, after it has aired, instead of before, because of all the wonderful additional psa content.  So, here is said link to my favourite "hoofbeats radio" show from 2017 so far....comprised of the 4th & 5th half hour shows in the new series.

How old were you when you first realized you would die?
How do you want to die?
Can you imagine being subjected to aggressive, life-prolonging medical interventions that you do not want?
Or, are you worried they might pull the plug too early?
What does pain mean to you
What's important to you in terms of symptom management?
Are you aware of CCAC yet?

Please enjoy the sounds and smells of your own home while you listen.  Are your pets tuned in too?
Please start discussions about how or where you want to die, with the others in your life. These chats should happen earlier and, more often, about their ever-changing wishes too…

The Musical Reflections are songs from the Avett Brothers.  Some of my favourites were "Life ain't forever and lunch isn't free/ Loved ones will break your heart with or without you" and “When my body won't hold me anymore/ And it finally lets me free/ Where will I go?”

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