Sunday, January 22, 2017

Conversations Worth Having ~ #1. A Broken System

Have you already heard Andrea's story? She speaks eloquently about the fragmented and overburdened system in Ontario.

In this initial show of a new 7 part series, we hear an individual’s story that starts when she notices a decline in her mother’s health, as well as her coping skills for dementia. We also hear how there can be a 2 yr waiting list for Long Term Care and how you might want to think about getting on the waiting lists pro-actively...

It is scary what is looming on the horizon.  And its time to start talking about it.

photo by Randy Sutherland, Guelph Jan 2017 

Ep 2. Conversations Worth Having ~ Who Will Speak For You?

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Taken on December 12, 2016
I've been missing Sue Richards a lot lately, thinking especially much how I admire her end of life decisions.

And also, I thought you might want to see this picture! 

And, to hear some new radio being broadcast at CFRU of late...

In this episode of Conversations Worth Having, we were in discussion about Advance Care Planning, with Sheli O'Connor of Advance Care Planning Waterloo Wellington.

Have you ever thought about

#1. Who do you want to make healthcare decisions for you when you can’t make them for yourself?

#2. What kind of medical treatment you want vs do not want? The easiest time to think about it is when you are well and able. By doing it now, you ease the future burden of decisions that might have to be made under difficult circumstances by those who love and care for you.

The beautiful song included in this half hour episode is The Widow's Song, by a lovely friend of mine, Dana Louise.  I like to follow her on instagram.

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