Thursday, January 14, 2016

Music Teacher Feature - with Nicholas Russell

This program features Nicholas Russell, starring as live-to-air (accidental) cohost, playing tunes off his laptop for us, and then playing live, in a wonderful way, for a quite little while...
photo of the new Folkway Music
Tune in to the audio of this seasonal-six radio series episode, produced (and re-broadcast) at CFRU over the holidays.  I'd told my guest we'd be pre-taping, but the equipment malfunctions were beyond me, so we ended up live-to-air instead.  Happy New Year!

I believe our log sheet went like this:
October Tune, one of his session jobs, a big band arrangement from the album Connectic.
live music 3:12 to 7:43 (replete with creaky stn equipment sounds ha)

I love how the live music started abruptly again because I had to take a call on the on-air line.  The beautiful live at cfru music 11:57 - 12:21 includes more doors slamming along the hallway... and an original called Stephanie's song plus Nick's own acoustic arrangement of Beautiful Love composed by folks we can fill you in about later if you want...

Nick Russell my hero!

I didn't invite him in because he's a radio star, (he's married now?), but to discuss his life as a musician AND local teacher.

I love how he shares his thoughts on his responsibility to inspire! And, promotes the idea of practice as a lifestyle.

He reveals the demographics of his practice, as well as his thoughts on teaching ukulele and his success leading a month long ongoing school group program...  he provides details Folkway Music's lesson program...

Including lots of facts about the benefits of studying music, these shows were produced by a holiday helper at CFRU over the 2015/2016 holiday break, We discuss why music matters in a hopefully rebroadcast-able series of six shows.

The logsheet would also document
Who's She? by the band Thunderbird, a jazz fusion outfit nick's in
and also their "Gingsen booty," another rather funky tune.

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