Sunday, January 10, 2016

Music Teacher Feature -- with Joni Nehrita

Music should be joyful! I loved the free music lessons I arranged for myself as a holiday helper at CFRU over the break, as I put together a seasonal set of six shows, where Guelph based music teachers performed live at CFRU and discussed their music lessons.  

I was so grateful that Joni Nehrita would bring her talent to the station, and was brave enough to accompany her magnificent voice with a guitar instead of her main/real instrument the keyboard.

Her original acoustic music was touching in the concepts of
"what really matters in the end is love," and starting over.

Listen back so you can hear her:

1) describe their activities as a musician
2) describe their activities as a teacher
3) share their philosophy/approach as a teacher
4) discuss benefits to students
5) share specific examples of students who benefitted

She has a new Guelph Glee session that starts mid January.  Are you interested in participating??

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