Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Beauty of Nourishment: fine art photography by Katie Hebert

Photos by Katie Hebert
Photos by Katie Hebert
I hope you've seen Katie Hebert's stunning photos around Guelph. If not it's time you did! 

I first saw her work on display in Pod - an impressive series of jewel-toned images of fruits and vegetables on black that left a lasting impression. You'll have your chance this Saturday, at Art on the Street

Katie's an image based artist living in Guelph. She's spent the last ten years exploring and experimenting with photography and other forms of visual expression. With a strong emphasis on detail and design, she produces quality fine art prints for individuals who appreciate the simple beauty of nature. She is best known for her ongoing series ‘The Beauty of Nourishment’ in which she focuses on the organic allure of fruits and vegetables.

Katie studied traditional black and white film photography, historical processes and mixed media images at Haliburton School of the Arts, where she graduated with honours. She was the recipient of the program’s Photo Arts Award for academic achievement as well as the school’s Excellence in Design, Ontario Crafts Council Award for best standards in quality and technique. 

Katie’s work has been exhibited in such places as the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto and Guelph Civic Museum. Her pieces can be found in many local businesses, including a large collection commissioned by Compusense Inc. 

She'll also be at the Cabbagetown Art & Crafts show in Toronto this year. 

Katie currently operates her workshop and business out of her home. If you appreciate her work as much as I do, give her a thumbs up by liking Katie Hebert Fine Art Photographer on Facebook.

- Kim 

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