Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Family Day!

Do you have 15 minutes?

Many will already know about Jack Long's history as a music pioneer, and recent appointment to the Order of Canada.  And, they have probably already heard, in the Toronto Biographies show of yore, how Jack Long got hooked on concert bands and wind instruments in grade 9...

But, have you heard how Jack thinks music makes people's lives better?  Or, if he has heard of the word retirement?!  I hope you will check out this audio of a great story teller, who recently visited in Guelph (revealing his connections to it), when he stopped in at Evergreen Senior's Community Centre,  to chat about the Power of Music -- at CFRU's mobile studio.  

The segment was excerpted from New Horizons The Power of Music Ep 11 09--29-2014, a radio show for senior adults in our area., The interview was co-hosted by a new CFRU volunteer.  Unfortunately, our volunteer photographer couldn't attend that day, and also alas, I did the editing and recording tech on my own, ha.  Do you think the segment is still too Guelph-centric, to be of interest elsewhere, or is it the better for it?

To hear the interview, in the context of the whole show, you can check out these links:
Blog Guelph  
Hoofbeats Radio - like the horse business, the music industry is vast and diverse.  The longstanding, volunteer driven horse talk radio went on hiatus with this "finale" broadcast.

For sure Jack's comments about 3 and a half minutes in, in the audio posted above, inspired the New Horizons Band features on New Horizons Radio episodes that followed.  His recap was quite the shout out!  You can check those out at the band radio feature at New Horizons Band Guelph and New Horizons Band Bloor links...

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Anonymous said...

I have 15 minutes but I can't find the link to your audio. Is it a secret?

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