Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Five photos of The Cannon

Giraffe Cannon
Giraffe Cannon by Cheryl Q

Old Jeremiah
Old Jeremiah by James M

Untitled by Chris Hesselden Boon

Seaway 1 - Old Jeremiah
Seaway 1 - Old Jeremiah by James M

Old Jeremiah
Old Jeremiah by James M

The cannon at the University of Guelph is considered one of Guelph's highly visible landmarks. Located in Branion Plaza Old Jeremiah receives regular makeovers from students. Painting the cannon, like dressing the begging bear, is a campus tradition.

In 2010, the cannon got a makeunder - stripped down to bare metal and concrete. There were so many layers of paint! I suspect it didn't remain bare for long though.

Want to see more makeovers? Check out the Painting Old Jeremiah board on Pinterest. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Big News Regarding New Horizons #24 - 30 (Jan/Feb 2015)

Hello there,
I just wanted to let you know that CFRU is planning to broadcast the final six New Horizons radio episodes, live to air, from the mobile studio, Monday mornings 9-10am.

For the rest of January our remote location is in the hobby shop at Arbour Trails and in February we expect to be broadcasting from the book nook at Evergreen Centre.

You should stop by sometime! Here is a little more information on our plans:

Themes for shows
Jan. 19 - Nutrition
Jan. 26 - Stress
Feb. 2 - Music/Memory OR Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (GWSA) theme with our move
- Mobile recording studio will move to Evergreen on Mon. Feb. 2nd (after a final live broadcast at Arbour Trails) with a launch inviting media and community planned at Evergreen for 12pm

Feb. 9 - Love (for Valentines Day)
Feb. 16 - Families (pre-produced for Family Day holiday)
Feb. 23 - Goodbye and leaving a legacy wrap-up

New Horizons Recording Notes:

photos Ross Knechtel
This photo was taken at CFRU's mobile studio, while Arun was producing a segment for a future New Horizons radio show. Cynthia K was there to tell us about the upcoming term of the Royal City Ukulele Ensemble program that started Tuesday, January 13th -- with meetings at Arbour Trails! What better way to warm up these cold winter nights than making music with a great group of people?

New Horizons wanted to hear all about the sessions that have been running at Arbour Trails, especially,
how involved are the seniors in the music program?  Do you think there are any benefits of the ukulele for seniors?  When we asked anything else about ukulele our senior listeners might want to know, she offered to do some popular tunes like Five Foot Two, live on the radio!
We'll keep you posted when it's going to air.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snow scenes: photos by Peter Kelly

Snow Bole Snow Geese Snow Seedlings Winter Gait Snow Mound

Winter shadows, lines and sparkles masterfully captured in black and white by Guelph photographer Peter Kelly. If you're on twitter, follow him.

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Horizons #23-01-12-2015 Life In The Village

The segment sent in from the mobile studio for today's New Horions program was about finances.  I like the tip that all parties in a relationship should understand the finances and know where all the information is.  The contributors talked about creating a hard copy of a list of computer passwords and wallet contents and a "just in case" file.  There was also discussion about the relationship between Arbour Trails, where the mobile studio is currently located, which is within The Village of the Arboretum.  Are you following this?

We also had guests who wanted to tell a bit of the history of the OVC.

The music playlist built into the mixdown is 4 songs from the free zunior Sampler-download we'd received.  How do you put that down on our music playlist log sheet? Are these all new releases? Cancon? label names?

The notes we sent the on-air host included:
26:34 Jim Guthrie, The Rest is Yet To Come

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Frozen faces: a cinematic series by Dom Cruz

Bundled up The North Face Snowed in Not impressed with the snow storm... Covered

I delved into the flickr archive and found this wonderful cinematic series by Dom Cruz. The expressions and sombre tones pretty much sum up how I'm feeling about winter right now.

An extreme cold warning has been issued for our area. Bundle up, and keep in mind... if it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your pets

- Kim

Monday, January 05, 2015

Grandparents - New Horizons #22 01-06-2015

I like this Winter Night photo taken by a New Horizons radio participant and I liked the part in the mobile studio segment sent for today's New Horizons episode, where Grandparents are encouraged to act as active role models for the others in their family.  We also hear from many seniors on their experiences and memories on the topic, as they are active at the mobile studio.

We re-broadcast an excerpt of the fantastic Family Matters program created at CFRU on the same theme, edited by Feng Wei in the nick of time!  I left the musical playlist to the on-air host.  Did you enjoy it?
photos Ross Knechtel

Did you hear the show this morning?  If not listen back at the cfru archive -- Let me know what you think!


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