Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Holidays - New Horizons #21 12-15-2014

This week's Pure Guelphishness playlist worked well with the interviews recorded at Arbour Trails, don't you think? You'll hear music from Boreal in the segment posted above, along with comments, thoughts and memories about the season, from many seniors.

 The Playlist features Boreal, which is Jude Vadala, Katherine Wheatley and Tannis Slimmon, and their collection of songs to celebrate the coming of winter and the beauty of the snowy season.
Winter's Welcome, 3:48
Silence of the Snow, 3:15
Shovelling Snow, 4:56
So Much Snow, 2:48

Oops - there were a few recordings were we didn't have the audio hardware settings quite right.  Yes, we will try to have a manual of the board and of the software program available at the mobile studio.  Yes, CFRU often (re-)broadcasts the BBC.   No, we don't know exactly how much it would cost to "buy" CFRU in support of what we are doing here... but,


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