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What Does Volunteerism Mean To You? New Horizons Episode #19, 12-01-2014

do you think this is the view from the mobile studio?

You can volunteer for the health benefits and help society too... You do know that volunteering is said to improve the health of seniors, right?
I wanted to mention during today's show, that we are welcoming volunteers to the New Horizons show team. The show promotes seniors and tackles issues effecting older adults. If you are interested or curious, simply email kim(at)
Research suggests that active volunteers report (compared to others the same age), improvements in mental health and physical functioning, and a delay of the onset of age-related health problems. Volunteers also report higher self-esteem and more connectivity with other people.  Some other findings of the studies included:
> a lower risk of depression
> fewer physical limitations
> increases in physical activity
> more engagement in the community
> an increase in friends
> feeling life is improving
> improvements in memory

From CFRU's mobile studio for this week's program we bring you another interview with Marg, a senior who is known for her many volunteer contributions! She's not just the Chairwoman of the Advisory Committee for the GWSA's Community Support Services division, Marg was instrumental in the development of the GWSA's Feeling Better Eat Well Nutrition Program, that launched in 1999 and she has continued to support the Program by facilitating a twice monthly Diabetes Support Group. Marg is also a member of the GWSA's Board of Directors, and Advocacy, Governance and Human Resources Management Committees. She has also received a number of significant awards in recognition of her professional and volunteer work for her leadership with several health, culture based, academic and geriatric service providers.

You will also hear from a City employee, who recruits and supports volunteers with the City of Guelph, which offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for students, adults and seniors. You can get involved in programs, special events or parks programs. Whether you would like to utilize your special skills, explore career choices, meet new people or become a valuable member of a volunteer team, we offer volunteer opportunities, short-term or long-term commitments in a variety of areas throughout the year. Also, the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre welcomes any individuals interested in getting involved and becoming a volunteer. Volunteer information meetings are held on a regular basis. For more information on all of this, Ross Coulter was in discussion with Becky MacDonald, Volunteer Coordinator who can be reached at 519-823-1291, extension 2096.

The Pure Guelphishness Music Playlist

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Since the New Horizons episode today is all about Volunteerism, and how volunteering can be good for you! When I first got started at a volunteer as CFRU radio, I started a horse talk program. I remember clearly to this day, how the very first interview guest said how he looks at the relationship between rider and horse. He doesn't see it as an employer-employee relationship, he thinks of the horse as a volunteer "because if he doesn't want to do something, he won't." Next on today's show I want to play a song about two wonderful horse volunteers, Bonnie and May. This is the first track on the newly released Half My Heart, by Alison Lupton. She's almost local! Isn't it sweet to know she was named "Musician-in-Residence at the McDougall Cottage in Cambridge, ON? This tune features, I think, Guelph's own Nik Tjelios on backing vocal! As well, it seems like he was involved in recording it at Pipe Street Studio and Monastereo in Guelph. This track also features bass by acclaimed player Denis Rondeau, guitar by a veteran of the Canadian folk scene Ian Bell, fiddle from Grand North American Campion Shane Cook and mandolin by CCBA's player of the year. Enjoy!

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