Monday, December 08, 2014

Safety - New Horizons # 20? 12-08-2014

photos Ross Knechtel

Did you tune in to New Horizons on this morning at 9am?  I think we opened with a track from Quique Escamilla's album 500 Years of Night, that does not share any images of safety, and is dedicated to and in memory of all the forgotten, oppressed, abandoned, discriminated people...since the start of colonization of the continent.  For our safety episode, we start with Track 2, 5:24, Easy Prey/Presa Facil, which features trombone by Paul Tarrusov as well as guitars, bass, percussion and vocals from Quique Escamilla, who is also the songwriter and music composer.    "Free as a butterfly you go... I am regretting nothing, you've healed my illness of solitude."  Lulaworld Records, 2014.   

In the segment submitted from the mobile studio, we also hear Ross K sharing info from the Preventing Falls booklet from the Province of Ontario, and some thoughts on safety from Eleanor and Maryann.

Did we have time to play El Jinete (the horse rider)? a traditional, arrangement by Quique Escamilla, that mentions "at the distant mountain, there goes the horse rider, wandering around the world and wishing to find death... he loved he more than even life, but lost her forever... he's now wishing to find death."  ??"  Its true I am wondering how horse stories from a 61 yr old writer/rider might fit into today's "senior's radio content effort, and I hope you will stay tuned, ha.

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