Monday, November 10, 2014

The Entertainment Episode, New Horizons Radio 11-10-2014 9am

Please take note of the upcoming event, the New Horizons Band "Open House" on Dec 4th at 10:30am.

On New Horizons radio this morning on CFRU at 9am, we bring you 3 segments from the mobile studio about entertaining activities, and how they contribute to good health.  You can listen back to the entire program in the archive.

In this 36 min segment posted above, you'll hear how the New Horizons Band Guelph provides a fun and informative music experience for adults who have little or no musical experience, have been musically inactive for a period of time or simply enjoy making music.  Hear how you can learn in a friendly, supportive environment with a focus on brass, woodwind and percussion instruments.
photos Ross Knechtel

The new New Horizons Band session in Guelph starts Thursday mornings in January 2015!

Credits for this episode include Ross Knechtel on photos, main board tech, and help with at least on-air interview taping. Our thanks as well to guests New Horizons Guelph leader Brent Rowan, and participants Terry Gillespie, Burla ? and Terry Peach.   The three musical segments heard in this radio sharing are from youtube clips of previous performances by this local group!

We appreciate all the radio show and participant feedback we've received, and, will at least try and reintroduce our guests in future long form interviews, ha.  Some of the clips in this show segment, leave something to be desired in terms of the sound quality, because we are still learning how to use all the equipment, including the portable recorders!  Care to help out? Just email kim(at)

Had you already known that New Horizons Band is an international organization?  Our town is so lucky to already have a program running.

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