Monday, November 24, 2014

More About All Around Health -- New Horizons, Episode #18 11-24-2014

the book nook at Evergreen Seniors Community Centre
is full of more activities than just books!

Hey Good Looking!  What you got cooking?  Today's entire program "More About All Around Health" was put together at CFRU's mobile studio while set up at Evergreen Centre in the book nook.  Are you into just doing the activities that you can do, because you can?


In this show, we hear from Marg, the Chairwoman of the advisory committee for the GWSA's Community Support Services Division and a founder of the GWSA's Feeling Better Eat Well Nutrition program, that follows best practices identified while in her professional academic career as a Dietitian at the University of Guelph.

All photos by Ross Knechtel
(except this one taken of the photographer/interview
We also hear from Ross K who shares his past personal struggle with mental health and shares helpful info on a Mood Disorders Group in Guelph.

Then, we hope you will excercise your right to enjoy all kinds of music, as Ivor spins us some country music tunes, with a special focus on Hank Williams.  We have aplogized to Ivor that the audio hardware settings were not  If you listen in the archive, this is the playlist:
Showtime 9:23, Log #22, Alan Jackson & George Strait, Murder on Muis Row, Album Title?
9:29 Hank Williams, Hey Good Looking
Hank Williams, Your Cheatin Heart
9:38 Kawliga


Pierre shares some thoughts on being 85 years old and then we are in discussion with Kim Wilson about her future digital storytelling project and past involvement with the older adult strategy created for Guelph.


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