Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ross Coulter, all photos Ross Knechtel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's New Horizons episode provides a holiday to the regular hosts.  I produced a 56 min audio program that features the music of Drew McIvor, as well as many recordings made at Evergreen Centre.

The show kicks off with a Raise Your Voice plea for donations to CFRU, with seniors making the actual media, and suggesting visits to the RYV website.

Ross Coulter is essentially the voice of this particular program, bringing us interviews with members of the GWSA, starting with Doreen Pellen, who speaks about Line Dancing Club and other General Dances hosted at the centre, including the next one that is open to all ages, November 14th.  You'll also hear an interview with Toni Crowther, a GWSA board member, and member of many other clubs.  She also explains the current display from the Advocacy Committee, in regards to the upcoming Municipal Election.

Toni Crowther
Doreen Pellen

1:52, 3:38, Drew McIvor 45's & 33's, Porchlight, indie?, 2014?
11:38, 4:02, Drew McIvor, A Little Respect
34:03, 3:46, Drew McIvor - featuring Coco Love Alcorn, Go Freely, Porchlight

Barb discusses the upcoming Peer Learning sessions for GWSA members.

Then there is an interview with Don from the Sentinel, the GWSA's internal magazine.

Don Hillman

There's also a a bit of dead air, before a reminder about the upcoming Spookerama event!!!  I hope you'll give the show a listen...

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