Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guelph Humane Society needs a new home

lazy glance...
lazy glance... by Derek

After 45 years at 500 Wellington Street the Guelph Humane Society (GHS) needs a new home. The current facility is on municipal land which the City will be using to expand the Waste Water Treatment Plant to address Guelph's growing population. In order to continue to support our community and help stray and unwanted animals GHS is on the lookout for a new space.

How you can help

  1. VOTE. Support GHS by voting for their "idea" in the Aviva Community Fund. If GHS receives enough votes they're eligible for some funding. So far, they've made it to Round 2. Share the link with your friends and encourage them to vote too! 
  2. DONATE. GHS relies solely on donations and community support to help thousands of animals each year - they don't receive any City or government funding. Donations are accepted online at canadahelps.org. You can specify what you'd like your donation to be used for, eg. new facility, or to help animals in need.


The Guelph Humane Society has been sheltering and caring for animals in Guelph and Wellington County since 1893. Each year the GHS cares for approximately 3000 animals in need, providing animal sheltering and adoption services, veterinary care and a progressive spay/neuter program. The Society also boasts strong humane education programs that impact thousands of children and youth annually. (Source: Guelph Humane Society)

For more information 

Contact Guelph Humane Society.

Read the Guelph Mercury article by Vik Kirsch.

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