Friday, August 15, 2014

Blog Guelph: Sue Richards

Blog Guelph: Blog Guelph Intention

Call it what you will. Cow Town, G-town, Royal City, City of Music, or home sweet home, Guelph is a vortex of creative genius.

If you happened to be from Guelph, or know someone from Guelph who's Blog you'd like to see on these pages, send it on over. I will give them a posting, and a link.

If you are having pronunciation problems try this: Goow-Elf. Or try throwing up. The sound you make is the name of our city.

Sue Richards

And with that, Blog Guelph was born on February 26, 2006, showcasing Sue's trademark wit.
Long before Facebook or Twitter took hold, Sue encouraged us Flickr users to share our love of Guelph.
To promote each other, our events, and our unique perspectives.

"Blog Guelph intends to provide the world with a wickedly creative and stunning visual slice of our very delicious city. Show us what you love about Guelph" she wrote. 

So we did. My hope is that we still will. 
Let's keep this site alive as witness to one of the many tasty projects Sue created. And there are oh so many.
Her creative handprint, quick mind, her enormous heart are revealed all over this city. Dancing all over the web:

Great Guelph Photos by Many Photographers

Daily News & Alternative Views of the 
Wonderful World of Breasts

How to Punctuate Life Without a Period

A boob job for the mind.....

When Sue first got sick and was unable to manage the keyboard, she gave me the great honour of carrying Blog Guelph forward for a couple of years. Then along came many other lovely bloggers to pick up my slack - still writing and curating to this day.

There are close to 10,000 images housed on this site. I encourage you to browse through the pages, to read the words. 

I'm going to miss Sue terribly. Her impact on me and on Guelph have been immense.
The likes of her don't come along everyday, but I'll walk a little taller having known her.

Shine on Sioux-sie Q. 

-DowntownLynn, with love.

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