Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Blog Guelph: It's lost pet season again

Basking, a photo by Peter Kelly on Flickr.  

Lost pet posters are started to appear around Guelph again so I wanted to draw your attention to some common sense tips and information from the City of Guelph's website about keeping your cat or dog safe.
  • Keeping cats safe. Did you know that the average life expectancy of cats allowed to roam freely outside is just 2-5 years? In contrast, indoor cats live an average of 12.5 years. Cats permitted outside face many risks including traffic, disease, abuse, other animals, and becoming lost. Roaming cats can also impact the local wildlife population, especially birds. 
  • Fireworks can spook your pet. It's almost Victoria Day weekend - a time when many pets get spooked by the sound of fireworks and run away. It's best to keep cats and dogs home indoors in a safe place over the holiday weekend.
  • Loss prevention. Tips for keeping your pets safe.
  • 10 good reasons to leash your dog. Leashed dogs are rarely hit by cars or get into fights with other animals. 
  • Lost pet recovery 101. According to the Ontario SPCA "more than 10 million pets go missing in North America and more than 75 percent never return home.The simple truth is that it only takes an instant for a pet to go missing – a door or gate left open, a car accident, or one of many other unforeseen events. Thankfully, you can help protect your pets by understanding lost pet behaviour, effective search tactics and critical loss prevention techniques."
  • Summer time dangers. Precautions for keeping your pets happy, healthy and safe during the hot summer months. Remember to NEVER leave a pet alone in a vehicle, even in the shade. Pets left in cars, or other unventilated areas, or tied in the sun, are susceptible to heat stroke. 
  • Cottage safety for your pet. The cottage setting is very different from the urban setting and there are many safety concerns for your pet. Know the risks and learn more about safety precautions to prepare for a season at the cottage.
In the event your pet does go missing here some online resources where you can post notices, make inquiries, and/or look for sightings or"found" information.
Please do your utmost to keep your pets safe. Thanks!

- Kim

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