Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blog Guelph: Are you up to the challenge? The Sharp Goat Photo Challenge, that is.

8 x 10  Large format lego camera by cool-baby

I've set a couple of goals* related to photography this year.
  1. Continue with iPhoneography. There are so many cool and creative apps that hold my interest. If the iPhone 6 is released and the camera specs look amazing I might upgrade my 4S, and

  2. Improve my DSLR skills. By that I mean no longer relying on auto or presets. Sometimes I get lucky, but most of the time I'm not happy with the results. 
Given my goals, I was excited to learn about:

The Sharp Goat Photography Challenge

It's the brainchild of Nick Montgomery, a local photographer / cinematographer / editor / vfx artist. The challenge started last week, but anyone is welcome to participate at anytime. A new challenge will be issued each week. 

All you need to participate is a camera (phone, DSLR or P&S), a free flickr account, and a desire to learn with a group and improve your photography skills. 

Watch the video below to learn more about it, then visit the Sharp Goat Photography blog for this week's challenge. Submit your photos here.

Each week Nick will post a video critique on the Sharp Goat Facebook page and the photos that were submitted so participants can provide feedback on each other's photos. 

I'm in, how 'bout you? And thanks, Nick for initiating this!

- Kim

*Last year i set a goal of having a photography exhibit and I didn't. I can't say I feel real bad about it because I enjoyed just taking and sharing photos on Flickr and Instagram. And I was involved with organizing the Guelphonography photo contest  and exhibit and that was pretty cool too.

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