Monday, January 13, 2014

Blog Guelph: A Perfect Day

A perfect day by downtownlynn
A perfect day, a photo by downtownlynn on Flickr.
After all the unrelenting aspects of the recent storm(s), wasn't that a beautiful sunrise this morning?

It seems to me a perfect day to play a little music from Jessy Bell-Smith. Today's Pure Guelphishness playlist featured an old release with all instruments Jessy, 'cept Noel Webb on drums and piano & Alison Bell smith on backing vocals.

9:34 Jessy Bell-Smith, Tespasses, Tiny Lights, indie, 2005
9:42 Jessie Bell-Smith, Archie, Tiny Lights, indie, 2005
9:47 Deep Water, Tiny Lights, indie, 2005
9:57 Booze Blooze, Tiny Lights, indie, 2005

If you want to listen back in the CFRU archives, I suggest you select hoofbeats and right click the play arrow - if you save the file you can fast forward through the horse talk and take in the lovely music.

I wasn't able to find a casette she'd released in September, that I heard about another CFRU program, The Second Storey.  When I asked Jessy about where folks can buy her music or where the best bio about her is posted, she replied "Well, a lot of those things are underconstruction currently, in fact all of them! I'm releasing my first full length on Feb 14th, so everything should be ready to go at that time." She is a Guelph native, and has spent two years writing and recording her debut album, which is perhaps one of the best albums you will hear from an unsigned artist anywhere. Stay tuned until Valentines!

Kim Logue-Like-Vogue

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