Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog Guelph: Girls Rock

Provocative Female by Our Enchanted Garden

"It’s probably different for everyone but I find that getting out into nature, getting right up and personal with a blade of grass or going for a walk surrounded by a bunch of tall trees fills me with lots of joy and calms me down." I read these inspirational words in an article about a cool initiative in Toronto co-founded by Magali Meagher, who grew up in Guelph and who visited our town last night. Were you at the e-bar to say hello? Today on the Pure Guelphishness playlist during hoofbeats radio she was our musical feature.

We kicked off the musical focus of the radio show with a youtube link from the Girls Rock Camp-Toronto page. Magali Meagher helped start and instruct this program for girls ages 8-16, that takes place every summer at the TRANZAC in Toronto. Its a great way to meet new friends, try out an instrument, play in a band and show off your new skills. To learn how to apply check out the camper or volunteer pages.

We also heard the 4 tracks on the Phonemes 2004 e.p. including Porcupines, and Steeples And People.  Which was your favourite? I liked the last simple, melody driven song with layered rhythm. 
I have long known that Magali’s musical career included recording and playing guitar and drums in the Hidden Cameras, but hadn't realized she's a bilingual songwriter! One of her bands, The Phonemes is known for haunting melodies and enchanting stories that have inspired audience sing alongs from Tofino to Paris. Magali has sung her way across North America and Europe with Owen Pallett, Bob Wiseman, Basia Bulat, she has backed up American indie icon Daniel Johnston on drums, and opened Kids in the Hall Scott Thompson’s “Scottastrophe” tour. She’s also a member of the all-girl Weezer cover band Sheezer, 60’s-girl-pop-inspired outfit HANK, and performs with John Tielli’s Metal Kites. You can check out some of her music at CBC and myspace.

- Kim Logue-like-Vogue

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