Monday, November 18, 2013

Blog Guelph: Another Animated Neighour

Chestnut-Sided Warbler - Singing his heart out. by barbdpics

You've heard Mo' Kauffey singing haven't you?  From the moment you see him and his old Supratone arch-top guitar you get the idea you are in for something unique, and when you hear it you know you're catching something special.  Mo’ interprets a broad swath of American roots music in a personable, acoustic blues format, and composes and reinvents more contemporary folk, rock, country, and pop music in a style all his own.  He also has a radio on CFRU, called Blues Around the Block, every Monday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm -- another chance to explore the mysterious mind of Mr. Kauffey, as he shares stories of travel and adventure, and spinning rare roots, folk, blues and psychedelic rock records.  You can also keep up with him on facebook, or catch his next appearance at the Wooly on Sunday, Dec 1, 2013.  Enjoy!

Today's Pure Guelphishness Playlist (during hoofbeats radio):
9:25 Committed, Whatcha Gonna Do, Mo Kauffey
9:30 Railroad Worksong, Whatcha Gonna Do, Mo Kauffey
9:50 Sixteen Tons, Whatcha Gonna Do, Mo Kauffey
9:54 Faded Love, Whatcha Gonna Do, Mo Kauffey

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Mo' Kauffey said...

Thanks for the spins Kim! The Sunday at the Wooly is gonna be big fun with Dr. Al Richardson on bass and Jeff Bird on Harmonica and Mandolin. 2 to 4:30Pm Dec.1st!

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