Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog Guelph: The Sun Song

Menopausal Tulips by Sue Richards
Menopausal Tulips, a photo by Sue Richards on Flickr.

I wanted to bring you a photo this time with the beauty of the sun. I didn't have time during the Pure Guelphishness playlist this morning to do any translating or tell you much about the artist, but a picture is worth a thousand words right?

We played four tracks from Louisa Krátká - Louisa is both a popular and classical violinist, vocalist and multi-disciplinary artist whose music education and artistic development have taken both formal and experiential routes. She studied classical (Western) violin, beginning with the Suzuki method and eventually completing a Gr. 9 Royal Conservatory of Music certificate. Louisa has collaborated musically with poets, dancers and other musician in various venues and events, such as the Guelph Jazz Festival, Halifax Fringe Festival, the Pearl Company, Hamilton. Louisa regularly sings with the Ondine Chorus (Shannon Kingsbury & Sue Smith) and has played in indie bands.

Louisa is currently working on an album of original lullabies and songs written and sung in her native Czech language. She also teaches at Long & McQuade Guelph with a a teaching approach that is student-centered, focuses on body awareness, student's motivation and goals, music theory as it comes up, and having fun! 

My favourite was the last one, from her reverb nation site, which is also the title of today's post.

The PureGuelphishness Playlist (on hoofbeats radio on
9:34 an improvised, meditative tune with Geo Rutkay on Russian Gusli, and Louisa on violin and the occasional bird to keep it real (from the facebook page)
9:40 S bohem a Šáteček
9:43 Písen o Námořničce
9:46 Sluníčko Hřej (The Sun Song)

- Enjoy

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