Monday, October 21, 2013

Blog Guelph: Songs for Sue

DSC_0316 by downtownlynn
DSC_0316, a photo by downtownlynn on Flickr.
Happy Music Monday! You know what event you are supporting for Tuesday, right?

Today's Pure Guelphishness playlist on hoofbeats! radio features Mike Sharp. You can listen back at, by finding hoofbeats in the schedule and selecting from the archive.

You will hear how Mike Sharp has been writing songs for thirty years and finally recorded some in 2007. We aired several songs from his record June, that consists of 10 tracks with themes of upheavel, loss and redemption.

The words are important, but a song needs melody and rhythm, to convey the meaning to the fullest. Credits include Nathan Lawr, Mike Ostler, Stephen Fearing, Jessy Bell Smith, Drew McIvor, Nick Craine, Joel Hunt, and Andrew McPherson, as well as Nik Tjelios and Scott Merritt. The contributors to this recording are among the finest in Guelph, and that is to say, in Canada!

Mike and others including Tannis Slimmon, Jessy Bell Smith, Nick Craine will perform at the Harry Manx concert tomorrow, in benefit of Sue Richards, because Parksinson's sucks and we all love to sing.  I will see you there!

The complete playlist:
931:00 Driving Lullabye, Mike Sharp, June, 2007, indie
935:54 June
9:44:00 This Song
947:40 Carpenter
953:18 Still Here
9:57 All The Anger


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