Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blog Guelph: Ooh, Scary!

Ooh, Scary! by BunnySafari
Ooh, Scary!, a photo by BunnySafari on Flickr.

Are you ready? Do you live on a street with the spookiest house? It is that 'dreaded' time of year when the wee ones knock on your door begging for more sugar!!!! That in itself is enough to send me running away!

One year I gave out colourful pads of paper bought from a downtown business, the funds of those sales went to Women In Crisis. Some kids were excited, others not so much. Another year I made clay magnets and pendants and handed them out. This year I didn't buy chocolate (because I would eat them!) but decided on some orange fish crackers. Boring, I know.

If your pumpkin survives being part of the neighbourhood pumpkin toss, why not take it to be enjoyed for another night at the Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group Pumpkin Parade at Lyon Park. Here is the spot for more details;

Bunny Safari

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