Monday, September 02, 2013

Blog Guelph: The Sound of the City?

Guelph Canada West by Roberrific
Guelph Canada West, a photo by Roberrific on Flickr.
Here is a lovely glimpse of a rare treasure, obviously made in Guelph.

It is meant to introduce today's Music Monday feature.  The "Pure Guelphishness" radio broadcast on at 9:30am featured Alanna Gurr.  There were 3 cd's in the library to draw from, one was a handmade work of art, another EP had the same 4 songs and an extra, as well as her debut, full length release.

This talented artist, who hails from Guelph, is sure to leave you longing for more of her sweet and sultry sound. You can find out more about her on her facebook page. Whether backed up by her minimalistic rock troupe or on her own, Gurr’s songs of longing and heartbreak are complemented by her graceful and charming voice. She also has a presence on stage, which comes through in this Southern Souls video.

The Playlist:
"Lovely Girl," Purgatory, EP 2010
"Take The Street," Alanna Gurr EP 2010
"Oh Horsefeathers," Oh, Horsefeathers, 2011 Fortnight
"So Hard"
"Little One"
"Take Me Out"

My favourite was the last track.
"Take me out on the town, I want the heat from the street to comfort me, I want to drown in the sound of all the people, I want to drown in the sound of the city, I want to drown in the sound of the city...."

Alanna Gurr is another of Guelph's own treasures... Enjoy! ~ Kim Logue-like-Vogue

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rob said...

Thanks for using my picture of the 1800s 'Guelph' CW soda bottle. Hard to believe that it was only used once, over 150 yrs ago!

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