Monday, September 23, 2013

Blog Guelph: Into The Wild

School Bus by crestina.martins
School Bus, a photo by crestina.martins on Flickr.
It is the season for a school bus photo don't you think? Does anyone remember boarding such vehicles as a step into the wild, rather than a move towards civilization?

The Pure Guelphishness music playlist for this Monday's episode of hoofbeats radio features Andrew Coombes, starting with his tune "Into The Wild".

He creates earnest music with infectious riffs and melodies that linger with you long after you hear them.  I never got a chance to check out Beautiful Senseless in their heyday in our town, but I've been able to enjoy the recordings and his "graduation." into the realm of solo artist.  He's not from Guelph these days, but is still worth following. I think you can hear the influence of our town on his tunes.  You can find him on Bandcamp, to learn more. Or, listen back to the rare demos played on this morning!

Pure Guelphishness Playlist (time/duration, song title, artist, composer, album, label, year):
9:00, 4:38  "Into The Wild," Andrew Coombes/Andrew Coombes, self-titled, indie, Cancon 2012
9:05, 3:17 "Horseless," Beautiful Senseless/Andrew Coombes, The Warmest Rain, 2003 (we use a musical track as our theme music for both the show intro and the "original fiction" segment of our show in 2012/2013)
9:10, 3:25 "Firefly," Andrew Coombes/Andrew Coombes, Demo, Indie, Cancon, New Release, 2013
9:14, 3:11"You Have No Right," Andrew Coombes/Andrew Coombes, Demo, Indie, Cancon, New Release, 2013
9:17, 3:06, "Tear Them Apart," Andrew Coombes/Andrew Coombes, Demo, Indie, Cancon, New Release, 2013

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