Monday, September 09, 2013

Blog Guelph: Celebrating 20 Years?

Hillside in DA HOUSE by Good Noise
Hillside in DA HOUSE, a photo by Good Noise on Flickr.
Did you make it to the Guelph Jazz Festival this year? What an international, annual treasure is available in our very streets!

I especially love Nuit Blanche. And one of the musical highlights of my late night entertainment experience was catching Drew's Electronova at the Planet Bean downtown 2-4am. As outlined in the Jazz Festival program: Drew McIvor stretches the sonic canvas with a combination of the subtle sophistication of Bossanova, Samba, Afro-Cuban and Tango with the jump up bounce of rare groove, jazz and club electronica.

The photo above, was taken during Hillside Festival however, when he performed as a part of House of Velvet, the band that is Blog Guelph's Music Monday feature today.

I found 2 cd's in CFRU's local library that you can find elsewhere for House of Velvet, both oldies, and it was awesome to experience the richness of our local history with the listening.  You can listen back at, and I recommend you do! Of course you can also just pick up your own copies as outlined in the link above...

Here's the full Pure Guelphishness Playlist (broadcast during hoofbeats radio 9:30-10am):
"My Town," Doors Wide Open, 1997, indie
"Vive L'Afrique," Doors Wide Open, 1997, indie
"Boatman," Our Time, 2002, indie
"In The Garden," Our Time, 2002, indie
"If You've Found Love,"Our Time, 2002, indie
"Different Demon," Doors Wide Open, 1997, indie
"Sugar Thing," Doors Wide Open, 1997, indie
"Sugar Daddy," Doors Wide Open, 1997, indie

- Kim Logue-like-Vogue

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