Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blog Guelph: The Big Splash

The Big Splash by BunnySafari
The Big Splash, a photo by BunnySafari on Flickr.

Now this is the place to be RIGHT NOW.

Get yourself down and splash about. You will be glad you did. See you all Friday night in the splash pad!

Bunny Safari

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blog Guelph: Be cool!

I'm so cool
Magical morning
Want it!
Low Angle of Icicles
Dandilion Ice Cream
Kick Splash

A selection of photos which I hope will help you feel a little cooler during the first heat wave of summer 2013.
Close your eyes and imagine standing in a lake or pool, wearing shades and eating ice cream while your kids or dogs - or possibly a duck - playfully splash water on you as snow falls gently on your shoulders. Ahhhh... so cool and refreshing.

Now check out these resources to help you, your family and pets stay cool and safe while it's hot.
Photos by William Byrne, Kim Lawrence, Gavan Watson, Bruce Shapka, Patrick Younger, Flare, and Peter Kelly.

- Kim

Monday, June 24, 2013

Blog Guelph: Maybe You Can Find It In Your Heart

Guelph in the distance by Margaret Bourne
Guelph in the distance, a photo by Margaret Bourne on Flickr.

This lovely photo of our treasured Guelph, at a distance, was selected as an introduction to today’s Music Monday feature, who isn’t quite as local as most of the artists profiled here each week. Maybe you can find it in your heart today to check out a talented musician and songwriter from the larger local Kitchener/Waterloo area.

In 2004 Danny Michel was nominated for “New Artist of the Year” at the Juno Awards. A few years later the title track from an independently released album, was included on a "Playlist for the Planet" released by the David Suzuki Foundation. I used it to close out "Pure Guelphishness" on CFRU this morning from 9-9:30am.

The full playlist:
“Two Hearts” The Invisible Man (2004)
“What Colour Are You” Blackbirds Are Dancing Over Me (2012)
“Maybe You Can Find It In Your Heart” Sunset Sea (2010)
“Wish Willy” Sunset Sea (2010)
“Sad & Beautiful World” Blackbirds Are Dancing Over Me (2012)
“The Graduation Present” Fibsville (1999)
“Feather, Fur & Fin” (2008).

On the air, I accidentally said I couldn’t find his newest release in CFRU’s music library! I just got mixed up about the title of his newest release because of the one-sheet included with the CD, which showed the fall tour dates, and because I know he is just starting a new tour…
Are you interested in an entertaining live show supporting a fantatic album recorded with The Garifuna Collective, an Afro-Amerindian cultural group, and released on Six Shooter Records? The recording was nominated for the Juno Award for World Music Album of the Year and earlier this month, it was also longlisted for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize, which will be announced in September... If so, you can check out a show in Waterloo at the Starlight on Tuesday night. Maybe I’ll see you there!

-- Kim Logue-like-Vogue

Friday, June 21, 2013

Blog Guelph: Local Bounty

Happy Summer Solstice friends.  Today looks truly magnificent!

To celebrate, do yourself a favour and take a shuttle bus, bike, walk, even drive to the Guelph-Wellington Local Food Fest this Sunday.

Held from 11-5 on the beautiful grounds of Ignatius Jesuit Centre, the day will be chock full of market vendors and local food exhibitors, cooking demos, music, activities for children, even brews and wines this year.

Rain or Shine!

See you there,

-Downtown Lynn

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blog Guelph: Mallard Family

Mallard Family by thomevered
Mallard Family, a photo by thomevered on Flickr.

A few weeks ago while walking to have my morning beverage, I noticed an older woman walking down the middle of Quebec Street. At first, I wasn't surprised. Then I realized why she was looking down so intently while she walked and had put her safety in harms way. She was calmly acting as a crossing guard for a Mama duck and her ducklings! Big trucks, city buses all quietly paused while the family cleared Quebec Street and made their way down Baker Street. I wonder if they were escorted all the way down to the river.

Bravo to the protector of the Mallard Family and thanks for the warm and fuzzy feeling she gave all of us who witnessed her act of kindness!

Bunny Safari

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blog Guelph: Strange nature

Alien Worm
Strange things in tree
Strange Fungus
Strange trees

A selection of nature photos with elements that have been described by their respective photographers as strange... an "alien worm" and things in a tree at Guelph Lake, fungus in a forest, a rock in a creek, and trees in the Hanlon Creek Conservation Area.

Photos by Allison Durno, Stephen Briggs, Peter Kelly, scratchedcornea and Stephen Burke.

- Kim

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blog Guelph: Like Rain In Spring

Doesn't this photo remind you of the work other another local artist?

Today on the music show on CFRU called Pure Guelphishness, we featured local talent Jenny Omnichord.

We read reviews from Exclaim and the Guelph Mercury.  We played a song she recorded song at Bob Wiseman's, and Dave Clark's, and Scott Merritt's. Have you previously heard the one done at Guelph's Own Pipe Street Studios? Among my favourite tunes in today's playlist was the one we opened with called "When We Got Older" (from the Album All Our Little Bones) about an unfairly underappreciated musician, and the human and real but uplifting "What Happens to Animals" (from Charlotte and Otis, duets for children) that nearly closed out today's episode.

You can learn more about Jenny and her music at myspace and CBC Music.  It is so nice listening to her songs!

-- Enjoy
Kim Logue-like-Vogue

Friday, June 14, 2013

Blog Guelph: Oh Daddy

spin, originally uploaded by Flailchest.

Father's Day, not unlike Mother's Day, is a bit of a marketing gimmick, to be sure.

But if we set aside our cynicism for a wee moment, and embrace the pure idea of it all, we might just find that many a Dad does deserve to be celebrated.

Mine does.
He's the livingest man I know.
A colourful, shining light.

-Downtown Lynn

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blog Guelph: Two Rivers

Eramosa creek by Rockin' Ray
Eramosa creek, a photo by Rockin' Ray on Flickr.

I have to second Kim's blog on the 2RiversFestival taking place now until June 16th. Some great memories from last year's event. Guelph's rives are so important and so special. Check it out - and hope to see you there!

May we continue to celebrate our rivers throughout the year.

~ Aidan

Blog Guelph: Two Rivers

McCrae Bridge by ICT_photo
McCrae Bridge, a photo by ICT_photo on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Two Rivers

Blog Guelph: Two Rivers

Speed River by chona_p
Speed River, a photo by chona_p on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Two Rivers

speed river... by fishwithme55
speed river..., a photo by fishwithme55 on Flickr.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog Guelph: Gem of the Day

Honeysuckle Arch by Alan Norsworthy
Honeysuckle Arch, a photo by Alan Norsworthy on Flickr.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Summer!

Take a moment to smell the flowers and enjoy the view.

Have a lovely day.
Bunny Safari

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blog Guelph: 2 Rivers Festival - celebrating the Speed and Eramosa Rivers

Covered bridge

It's year two of the 2 Rivers Festival. This year's event, which runs June 9-16, has more than 30 river-related events, including hikes, paddling, children's events, performances, a film screening, a free concert and more.

I plan to at least participate in a hike or two and watch the film "Lost Rivers" at Goldie Mill on Friday night (rain location: The Boathouse). 

Check out the schedule, and perhaps I'll see you there! - Kim

Photos by 2 Rivers Festival
Let the garlic mustard pulling begin!
Canoe dancing
All lined up
Nice hats

Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog Guelph: The Ragged Bankers

Dreams of Beams by BleechBiPass
Dreams of Beams, a photo by BleechBiPass on Flickr.
This picture reminds me of the recurring theme in music by The Ragged Bankers, today's feature in the Music Monday post.

Does the band's sound a bit frustrated about the one horse town they're in?  Or is it just about the day jobs and lack of freedom? It was a pretty rocking local folk show on Pure Guelphishness on CFRU at 9:00am this morning, featuring this local act.

Because they are appearing at 2rivers festival on June 15, 2013, it seemed a perfect time to give you a chance to hear their music from bandcamp and myspace.  I also read the bio from their facebook pageThe Ragged Bankers have been influenced by Neil Young, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and Blue Rodeo as you can hear in the music.  The first song played today was selected as Tune of Day on Folkway Music's Music blog in June 2010. The band features Folkway Music’s own Mark Stutman on electric guitar!

The full playlist:
The Reason
When We Were Free
Sunday Confession
Gotta Go
The Flood
She Never Looks Back

"There's a reason for vacation, a reason we escape."  I thought you might also want to check out this video of the song "The Reason." 

Kim Logue-like-Vogue

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Blog Guelph: Gran Torino

gran torino 

 Click here to see more car pictures, video's and news from auto shows around the world.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Blog Guelph: guelPhonography, right? Wrong!

While the effects in these photos are reminiscent of those created with popular phone apps (and referred to as guelPhonography here in Guelph), these photos are the real thing... snapped with vintage film cameras. Pretty cool, huh?

Photos by Christopher Tiessencool-babyFirda BekaKrista Kruger and Peter Kelly.

The Prison, Guelph, ON
Skyjack Water Tower-KodaK Brownie Six-20
Cherry Blossoms
Window Cats

Monday, June 03, 2013

Blog Guelph: Glad I'm Gone

Today's pictures were chosen while thinking of Music Monday local artist's feature Rich Burnett's tune "Glad I'm Gone."  I played it to kick off a new music radio show this morning!

What I forgot to mention during today's "Pure Guelphishness" radio broadcast on CFRU at 9am, is his talent as a songwriter.  There's no liner notes on the CD, and the lyrics don't seem to be posted anywhere on-line, so you will have to listen to his words.

Today's Playlist:
1. Glad I'm Gone, with Kevin Breit on amazingly good electric guitar

He's a teacher, I love his voice. And, musical chops.
4. Big Black Raven

Did you hear when I wished I had him in the studio to correct my pronunciation and to demo such a cool instrument?! ha

6. In A Mystic Moment
7. Home On The Range (instrumental)

-- Enjoy!
Kim Logue-like-Vogue

p.s. Attention artists I can still reach pre-release, track running times and track numbers are always welcome on cds

Blog Guelph: Glad I'm Gone

Framed by Karyn Stepien Photography
Framed, a photo by Karyn Stepien Photography on Flickr.
"the sun came up
just a little too soon
just like i knew it would

and the sky lit up
with reds and blues

and i'm so glad that i'm gone"

- Rich Burnett

For more great Guelph photos, try these links:

Downtown Guelph, University of Guelph, The Guelph Hillside Festival or The Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

On the other hand, you may be curious about what the City of Guelph looked like last October or maybe Spring.

Indeed you may be the type that would love to wade through our deep and refreshing archives. There are over 5,000 terrific Guelph photos, taken by a growing tribe of fantastic photographers, currently available for your viewing pleasure. Check out the Blog Guelph archives located 'back up there' and appropriately titled: Blog Guelph Archives.