Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog Guelph: Mystery Ma & Pa

Greetings Wonderful People!

Today I present some freshly developed film from the past. There is a shop downtown that I happen to frequent which on occasion has a collection of old, dusty cameras. Sometimes, I am presented with one or two that have an exposed roll of film inside. I love to take them home and develop the film to see what delights they hold. Not every roll is a success, the ravages of time can be cruel and may erase all traces of what was seen through the view finder.

I managed to salvage four shots from a roll of 16. I have to do some tweaking of the other two and stitch together the panoramic they were hoping for. I present "Ma & Pa Jiffy", are they perhaps related to you? The expired film was in a Kodak Jiffy camera and I have no clue as to when they were taken. In the forest scene, a truck may give those auto buffs a clue as to a ballpark year.
How about the trailer? Does anyone remember what year those models came out?

Do let me know if you know who these quaint people are or if you happen to have an old camera with some film left inside.

Enjoy the mystery!
Bunny Safari

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