Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blog Guelph: Sue Richards needs our help

For immediate release
March 27, 2013 helps artist Sue Richards live with Parkinson's Disease

Guelph, ON - Guelph proves itself the most caring community in Canada once again, this time in response to the daily struggles of Guelph artist, blogger and social entrepreneur, Sue Richards. 

The release of a new YouTube video provides an update on Sue Richards life today. Filmed and produced by Jeff Bird, and edited by Peter Light, the video was designed to draw attention to Richards decade long battle with Parkinson’s and introduce a larger audience to the community created Helping Friends website.  Video link.

Parkinson’s is believed to be an incurable, progressively degenerative, neurological disorder. As a response to Richards inability to work or receive disability insurance, friend Tony Leighton suggested a subscriber based website. People can easily offer small or large, monthly donations to help ease Richards’ financial strain as she manages her illness. Working together with Barking Dog Studios and Graphic Designer Gareth Lind, was born. 

Richards currently receives daily assistance from a team of complementary health care providers, and friends who run errands, drive her to appointments and do tasks around the house. She also barters her spare room rent-free to a housemate in exchange for vital help. 

There is hope that will not only provide much needed financial relief for Sue Richards, but will extend to help others in the community as well. 

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1 comment:

Wayne said...

For some reason I was drawn to click onto BlogGuelph tonight, I think this is why.
I remember Sue being the first person to share one of my photos on the site, it really made my day.
I don't have PayPal but would like to contribute something, I can be reached through my flickr account, please contact me.
Sending positive thoughts.

Wayne Bristow (rubberschmuckie on flickr)

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