Friday, February 15, 2013

Blog Guelph: Retro Re/View

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All hail Friday.

Perhaps you didn't know that Blog Guelph began as one of Sue Richards many artistic brainchildren on February 25, 2006 with this:

"Call it what you will. Cow Town, G-town, Royal City, City of Music, or home sweet home, Guelph is a vortex of creative genius.
If you happened to be from Guelph, or know someone from Guelph who's Blog you'd like to see on these pages, send it on over. I will give them a posting, and a link.
If you are having pronunciation problems try this: Goow-Elf. Or try throwing up. The sound you make is the name of our city.
Sue Richards"

In these many years, there have been hundreds of thousand pageviews, quite possibly a million unique visits, and assorted comments. We've had a proper Guelph-centric schooling and our hearts roused along the way.

Through all these photographers eyes, we've seen ourselves both overexposed and faded; contrasted, blown out, up close and from a wide perspective; blurred and tweaked, bokeh brightened, at our best and sometimes at our worst. We've been observed in need and everso strong. 

A brilliant celebration of Guelphness.

Our musicians and artists, Guelph's heritage and history, our children and pets, municipal and street politics, philosophies that have been scrawled on walls, events, events, events! including a long loving annual look at Hillside Festival; it's all been visually expressed. And oh, the food. Shots have been snatched while on foot, on wheels, in the water, and even sometimes, while flat on our bellies.

As tried and true Canadians, we've loved lamenting the weather - from the stormy days to the daze of a deadly hot summer, the silence and traffic mayhem of a snowfall and always the crunch through fall leaves.

These two handfuls of  17 shots chosen today represent but a slice of Blog Guelph posts throughout the years.  But to experience it at its best, you'll need time, perhaps a bottle of wine, and a long weekend to devour them all. Lucky for you, here comes the perfect moment.

Note the change in photo technology, in the voice and perspective of guest bloggers - the ones who have tried to keep things going during Sue's health challenges.

But mostly notice Guelph.

This city is us, and we are equally incomparable and unstoppable.

-Downtown Lynn

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