Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blog Guelph: Chilly Stroll

Canadian in the winter by fishwithme55
Canadian in the winter, a photo by fishwithme55 on Flickr.


My apologies for being tardy with my posting. I have had to contend with a burst water hose in my basement which played havoc with my internet connection.  Being rudely awoken at 3am to the sound of rushing water may be nice if I was camping next to the Zambezi River, not so much in my own house! The two inches of water that pooled on my 90 year old basement floor was a reminder that things may have been worse if we hadn't woken up. The trusty old WC Woods freezer could have been more conveniently placed near the kitchen, floating on our own mini Guelph Lake. Hilarity aside, I now know how to turn the main water supply off, which is a red lever connected to a bunch of old pipes should there be another water emergency. 

I wonder if the pictured chap didn't have a similar calamity in his abode. If the water line to his laundry machine burst, I can forgive him for not wearing socks nor pants in the middle of a Canadian winter. He could be on a dare or perhaps suffers from Sweaty Calf Syndrome (FYI, I made that up, but if I were to google that, I'll bet there is a similar affliction that some poor soul has uploaded to youtube). My mothering instinct tells me not to worry because he seems to be wearing a sensible jacket. Don't blame BlogGuelph when he gets a terrible cold.

All in all, just another typical day in a Guelph neighborhood.

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