Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blog Guelph: And snow it begins...

sometimes snowflakes are magical... by *HUI*

Tonight we may well be experiencing winter's last blast. As you're no doubt aware, it's predicted that Guelph and area may receive 15-20 centimetres of snow accumulation by noon tomorrow. That's a fair bit of snow!

In a way, i'm looking forward to it. Yeah, it might be difficult getting around Guelph in the morning, but fresh snow is beautiful... and hopefully I'll have time to take a few photos before work.

Here are some resources that might come in handy during the snowpocolypse. Fun stuff first:
Happy snow day!

- Kim


Manginho said...

an igloo is what I keep trying to make but keep failing!

Kim Logue-like-vogue said...

great post!

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