Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog Guelph: I'll take that as a good omen

Broad-Winged Hawk, originally uploaded by G. Norsworthy.

Being raised as a bit of a heathen has allowed for a lifetime of borrowing bits and pieces of others beliefs. I will celebrate Hannukah and Diwali just as joyfully as I bow to Solstice.

But it's the animals that seem to really move me when they make repeated appearances in my life. Why did that deer show up precisely at that moment of weakness? What does that porcupine want to tell me?

My partner thinks it's all crap, of course, but I invite this notion of totems. Of signs and symbols, even of ciphers. I want to find the meaning there.

This post-party ramble does have a point. I keep seeing a hawk down by my river, and just yesterday, it came right into my backyard. Because I was having the BEST DAY EVER, I've obviously chosen to see it as lucky. As a nod to the new year looking just fine, and proof that I'm on the right path.

True, this may indeed be crap. But it's my belief in a stew of this and a smattering of that, so I'll choose to take it as a good omen, thank you very much.


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