Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Blog Guelph: The Comings and GOings in Guelph

Guelph Central Station - Via Rail and GO Transit Together by Royal_Rivers
Guelph Central Station - Via Rail and GO Transit Together, a photo by Royal_Rivers on Flickr.

Happy New Year!

Usually during the holidays I can't tell whether I am coming or going, how about you? I thought this series of images reflect my point perfectly. Guelph is growing up. We have a Central Station now! Very impressive. Buses, trains and places to move your feet.

Here is an idea, that I will gladly share. A few years back while traveling in Belgium, I came across a wonderful event held in the middle of the Antwerp Central Station. A mass of Tango dancers. Hundreds of people twirling and swirling to the wonderful music. I was too entranced to ask anybody how often this happened. It was a photographer and dancers dream. The sound of the music drew you into the space and the collection of people from all ages and all levels were a delight. Men and women dressed up and some dressed down. Magic! 

I can't Tango, but wouldn't it be a treat to try? In the middle of our lovely old Guelph Central Station?  Hint, hint....

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