Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog Guelph: Cheers

Morning Dove in the Snow by Corbeau du Nord

Isn't Christmas in Guelph great?

Well, I've had a great time here. So much to be thankful for. So many things to be enjoyed in our city.

My holiday began on Winter Solstice with an exceptionally moving performance of song, poetry, and dance by Guelph's mystical Ondine Chorus. It was a powerful experience that united over 100 people for a spiritual journey that bridged the dark and the light. Formal thanks to Guelph's fabulous Shannon Kingsbury and Sue Smith for such a gift.

Solstice seemed to portend many more wonderful things. From a fantastic dinner at Buon Gusto, Guelph's newest restaurant which inhabits our beloved historic Gummer building, to cooking an unbelievable capon that I acquired at Paisley Fine Foods, to discovering the most incredible soap from the Dead Sea at the Stone Store, to serving the world's best Asiago cheese from Market Fresh, to enjoying cast iron seared Rowe Farm eggs and bacon. Yes, it's been a great holiday.

But it was really interesting to see Guelph post-Christmas. I'm a huge supporter of our unique shops downtown but my visitors were surprised when no one was actually open on the biggest day for retailers in the year - Boxing Day. The only place to get a coffee was the Joint Cafe and as far as shopping goes, the only store open was IF... But IF was of course, fantastic, with line-ups that started early and went on all day. My boots are gorgeous.

And of course, no holiday is complete without some shiny bits. Shakti is all I have to say.

I know Christmas isn't all about shopping, but it sure is fun! 

Guelph has so much to offer. I love it. I'm grateful for the company of family and friends, but I'm also grateful for the company of such a great community. 

Peace and Love.

~ Aidan M.D. Ware

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