Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blog Guelph: 4 ducks, 2 squirrels and a beaver

Duck love.. by Natures Caretaker
Duck love.., a photo by Natures Caretaker on Flickr.

About a year ago I approached a guy I saw regularly by the Speed River taking photos of waterfowl to ask if he was on Flickr. He was...and I've been enjoying Randy Bartholomew's nature photography ever since. 

Natures Caretaker has captured stunning images of waterfowl in flight and a wonderful collection of wildlife.

What I especially like about his photography is the character and expressions he captures... a startled skunk, a mallard duck fascinated by his reflection, and a curious baby raccoon to name a few.

Ever seen a chipmunk swimming? ... or a bald eagle in the Guelph area? Randy has... and I recommend you check out his photostream for more great nature photos.


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