Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Guelph: Trees Through the Pentax

Trees Through the Pentax by Sadie Currie
Trees Through the Pentax, a photo by Sadie Currie on Flickr.
Good Morning!

Have you turned your furnace on yet? Or are you a member of the 'Cardigan Nation'? While getting dressed this morning, CBC on in the background, I hear Matt Galloway discussing this subject. No word of a lie, as I am buttoning up my warm cardie, he asks who else is a member of the "Cardigan Nation"? Uh oh.

Growing up, my Mum always kept the heat turned down so that we were required to wear an extra warm sweater in the house. She thought it kept the germs away (froze them more like). Blankets at night piled on so heavy you could hardly roll over. Back in the '70s the winters were colder, no?

Today may be the day when the furnace gets its 'test' run. The rain will do it. Hot pots of tea will only go so far. The damp feeling creeping into the house will eventually cause me to turn that button on the thermostat.

Here is to the Cardigan Nation! Cardies aren't for grannies anymore.

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