Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog Guelph: It can't be said enough

it broke my art, originally uploaded by downtownlynn.

Greetings Art Lovers

Bunny mentioned our beautiful downtown summer event the other day, but I feel the need to give you even more deets.

The 10th Annual art on the street Exhibition and Sale happens tomorrow, where you'll see mostly regional artists showcasing their multidisciplinary, handcrafted works side by side in their "mini-studio" tents. Woot!

We've added so many components to the really big show, particularly this year:

  • We finally have a Beer, Wine and Food area in the RBC Lot in the form of Wellington Brewery, Cox Creek Cellars, The Joint Cafe, Magnolia Cafe, The Happy Traveler Cafe.
  • We have Music, Music, Music!
  • Puppet theatres and other Acts of Art for the wee ones, too.

There are innumerable side events happening simultaneously in the core, inspired by this cultural phenomenon. There's a line-up of music and even more artists in the Royal City Church, A video dance party, happenings at the Library, Old Quebec Street and on and on.

The businesses downtown are hosting this event, so give them a gander when you wander beyond Quebec Street. Heck, don't neglect those shops right on Quebec Street as well, they are rolling out a particular welcome.

Art in the Shops and StreetSale goes strong through today and tomorrow too.

The head spins with myriad things to see and do in our fabulous, dynamic, loved Downtown.

Please visit, if you would.
It will change your local life.

Here's the program for the day.

Oh, and bring your cameras, photog friends, you'll be sure to get a lively shot or two. But not of me. I'll be the wild one, running faster than your lens can capture.

-Downtown Lynn

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