Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Guelph: Hillside Misses You

Hillside Misses You, originally uploaded by Flare.


Hillside is over for another year - which for some signals the beginning of the end of summer - and the start of much ANTICIPATION for next year's festival.

For us blogging types, the end of July offers up a break from routine. Yes - Blog Guelph will be taking a hiatus for the month of August.

There are 7,404 photo's posted on Blog Guelph. If you happen to be missing us - a wander through our archives should wet your whistle and calm the longing in your heart.

So then .....happy August. Be safe, have fun, soak in the vibe of the day.

Sue Richards

Blog Guelph: Festival feet

Festival feet, originally uploaded by littleblackcamera.

Blog Guelph: Main Stage Crowd

Main Stage Crowd, originally uploaded by Flare.

Blog Guelph: Mug Shot

IMG_3431, originally uploaded by Flare.

Blog Guelph: Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water, originally uploaded by Flare.

Blog Guelph: Waiting for the Hillside shuttle

Waiting for the Hillside shuttle, originally uploaded by kim/ber.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Blog Guelph: Guelphonography... it's gonna be phonetastic!

The top of downtown by kim/ber
The top of downtown, a photo by kim/ber on Flickr.

Guelphonography logo I hope, by now, you’ve heard the buzz about Guelphonography... a mobile photography contest and exhibit taking place in Guelph. Twitter’s been atwitter.There’s been an article on the front page of the Guelph Mercury, an interview on CJOY radio and some of the MCs at Hillside Festival announced it – woot!

Guelphonography is about showcasing the great city we live in and the talented “Guelphonographers” who live here.
Photos taken on phones are being accepted online at guelphonography.ca until August 31. They’ll be posted on the site, and a panel of judges will select 30 to be printed on a variety of materials by lead sponsor, Photo Media Decor. Winners will be announced September 14th.

Printed photos will be displayed in an exhibit at the Guelph Civic Museum which opens during the September 28 Fourth Fridays event. Exciting!

There's a growing list of prizes too, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. 
Pretty cool, huh? To learn more:
We hope you'll submit your photos and come to the exhibit in September. It's gonna be phonetastic! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

The Forecast is For Fun! by BunnySafari
The Forecast is For Fun!, a photo by BunnySafari on Flickr.
Two more sleeps til the Hillside Festival. I forecast a weekend of fun, singing, dancing no matter what the weather. There are rumors that in the craft vending booth for Creatures of Habit, there will be all of the above and lots of laughing. I know that Ms Goldie Sherman and myself will not be serious for one moment all weekend. Watch out for impromptu dancing and spontaneous hilarity.

I have attended Hillside since 1994, and I haven't missed one since then. Oh the stories I could tell.

The sad news is that the weekend is sold out. Your only way in is to become really good pals with somebody who may mention that they have a spare ticket. Good luck.

Happy Hillside and have a fabulous summer!
Bunny Safari

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

Cross Cultural Discussion by BunnySafari
Cross Cultural Discussion, a photo by BunnySafari on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

Congas by BunnySafari
Congas, a photo by BunnySafari on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

Crowd by CBC Radio 3
Crowd, a photo by CBC Radio 3 on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

IMG_1122 by Flare
IMG_1122, a photo by Flare on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

Light Show by CBC Radio 3
Light Show, a photo by CBC Radio 3 on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Anticipation

Hollerado by CBC Radio 3
Hollerado, a photo by CBC Radio 3 on Flickr.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blog Guelph: Bucket Head

Bucket Head, originally uploaded by crisscrossgirl.

Greetings Gang.

Not sure if photo's can help you feel cooler but that is the intention behind my choices today.

I particularly like the steamy goggles this sweet kitten is sporting. I've never been so hot in my life - oh how I wish I meant hot as in cool, not hot as is melted - as I have this summer. Guelph Lake is dropping and thickening at an alarming rate, the earth is like cement and even my large trees are looking wilted.

Oh me oh my, summer - what are you doing to us?

If you're heading out to Hillside this weekend, do take care. And have a wonderful experience. Here's a little historical overview for your ANTICIPATION.

Blog Guelph Hillside Photo Collection

Sue Richards

Blog Guelph: Floaters

Floaters, originally uploaded by kim/ber.

Blog Guelph: Splash!

Splash!, originally uploaded by crisscrossgirl.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog Guelph: The art of the city

A beautiful day to you, lovely blog-watchers.

Do forgive me if I drone on one final time about art on the street, held last Saturday on Quebec Street in downtown Guelph, but post-event renders such beautiful images.

The day was hot - as per usual, it was packed with happy folk, and there was nary a hitch. Success!

So now my long exhale.

Kate Bueckert took a whole set of shots that we do hope she doesn't mind us highlighting here today.

Also, don't miss Drew Barrymore's scream in E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial, being shown for FREE in Market Square at 9pm tonight, courtesy the City of Guelph. they have a whole summer of fun planned.


-Downtown Lynn

Blog Guelph: The art of the city

Nicky's PomPom's

Blog Guelph: The art of the city

Blog Guelph: The art of the city

Blog Guelph: The art of the city

Blog Guelph: The art of the city

Blog Guelph: the art of the city

Brad McInerney, of Wellington Brewery

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Guelph: A Game of Clouds

Baling Time Again by Karen Brodie
Baling Time Again, a photo by Karen Brodie on Flickr.

Drought is much more than something you see in old Westerns. For many of us here in Guelph, it's become a reality that we're facing. Farmers are losing their crops, lawns and gardens are dehydrated, and the empty clouds keep on moving. We had a great lightning show this week with terrific thunder, tornado watches, and all kinds of severe weather warnings... but all amounting to less than a few drops of rain.

It's a game of clouds really. Isn't it?

We all love our local farmers and our heart goes out to them. This is more than just parched backyards, it's parched crops, withered away in fields all around us. For these farmers, this game leaves them with a losing hand.

So, let's do what we can to give them a helping hand.

It was announced this Tuesday that the provincial government will help farmers - our Premier assured us of this on his recent visit to Guelph.

But there's more that we can do as well. We can continue to support our local farmers by buying their food. The Farmer's Market is open on Wednesdays as well as Sundays now and some places even encourage visitors to their farms.

On my recent parlay into the Sculpture Park at MacStew I realized how many of our sculptures are about agriculture and its importance to our community. From the Harvester to the Stray Plow, the role of the land runs throughout the curation of these works.

To me, Guelph and land have always been synonymous items. Our agricultural legacy is something we should be deeply proud of and something that we continue to foster and care for into the future. 

And in the game of clouds, we'll eventually win.

~ Aidan M.D. Ware

Blog Guelph: A Game of Clouds

Approach by BleechBiPass
Approach, a photo by BleechBiPass on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: A Game of Clouds

wheat field by Rob Bowman
wheat field, a photo by Rob Bowman on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: A Game of Clouds

Heading South by peterkelly
Heading South, a photo by peterkelly on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: A Game of Clouds

B&W (14) by thephilosopherisin
B&W (14), a photo by thephilosopherisin on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: A Game of Clouds

Saskatchewan Red by peterkelly
Saskatchewan Red, a photo by peterkelly on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: A Game of Clouds

Nature Austere by peterkelly
Nature Austere, a photo by peterkelly on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: A Game of Clouds

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog Guelph: The Bee

The Bee by eyewonderer
The Bee, a photo by eyewonderer on Flickr.

Good Morning,

Today's thoughts have been inspired by the mighty bee. They are crucial to the planet's ecosystem, yet many people don't give their importance a second thought. Now is the time to celebrate the bee more than ever.

Let It Bee

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Guelph: legopractic

Chalk Drawing - Art on the Street Guelph by Dr. Mark Kubert

Dr. Mark Kubert is a Guelph chiropractor with a great sense of humour. 

He's an avid biker/hiker/runner, has the best posture i've ever seen AND takes really cool photos of lego people - in his clinic, and around the city. 

His photos ALWAYS bring a smile to my face, and I hope to see many more.


Blog Guelph: legopractic

Blog Guelph: legopractic

Blog Guelph: legopractic

Can you hear me now by Dr. Mark Kubert
Can you hear me now, a photo by Dr. Mark Kubert on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: legopractic

Blog Guelph: legopractic

Blog Guelph: legopractic

Walking in Guelph by Dr. Mark Kubert
Walking in Guelph, a photo by Dr. Mark Kubert on Flickr.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Blog Guelph: The Late Edition

Art that remains by kim/ber
Art that remains, a photo by kim/ber on Flickr.

Happy Monday!

It's late, and I hope everyone had a great day. It is always better to start the week on the right foot.

My day was busy, busy, busy. I had some software training at work. Zzzzzzz.... (Okay, I did learn a lot, but it was dull).

Today I picked some pictures that spoke to me. For some reason, these 5 pictures really stood out.

Tell me, what is your favorite of the bunch?

I hope you all have a great week!

See you next Monday!


Blog Guelph: The Late Edition

Alice Street Pet'n Zoo by felixtrio
Alice Street Pet'n Zoo, a photo by felixtrio on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: The Late Edition

A visitor by thomevered
A visitor, a photo by thomevered on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: The Late Edition

Sparkles by crisscrossgirl
Sparkles, a photo by crisscrossgirl on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: The Late Edition

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog Guelph: It can't be said enough

it broke my art, originally uploaded by downtownlynn.

Greetings Art Lovers

Bunny mentioned our beautiful downtown summer event the other day, but I feel the need to give you even more deets.

The 10th Annual art on the street Exhibition and Sale happens tomorrow, where you'll see mostly regional artists showcasing their multidisciplinary, handcrafted works side by side in their "mini-studio" tents. Woot!

We've added so many components to the really big show, particularly this year:

  • We finally have a Beer, Wine and Food area in the RBC Lot in the form of Wellington Brewery, Cox Creek Cellars, The Joint Cafe, Magnolia Cafe, The Happy Traveler Cafe.
  • We have Music, Music, Music!
  • Puppet theatres and other Acts of Art for the wee ones, too.

There are innumerable side events happening simultaneously in the core, inspired by this cultural phenomenon. There's a line-up of music and even more artists in the Royal City Church, A video dance party, happenings at the Library, Old Quebec Street and on and on.

The businesses downtown are hosting this event, so give them a gander when you wander beyond Quebec Street. Heck, don't neglect those shops right on Quebec Street as well, they are rolling out a particular welcome.

Art in the Shops and StreetSale goes strong through today and tomorrow too.

The head spins with myriad things to see and do in our fabulous, dynamic, loved Downtown.

Please visit, if you would.
It will change your local life.

Here's the program for the day.

Oh, and bring your cameras, photog friends, you'll be sure to get a lively shot or two. But not of me. I'll be the wild one, running faster than your lens can capture.

-Downtown Lynn

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog Guelph: Keeping Class

mary modelling her rectangle ring by jen linfield photography

We really do live in a culture of excess. We can flaunt and foray without any thought of meeting expectations. Some people even enjoy breaking the code, the rules of conduct, the barometer of the norm. 

But there is such a thing as too much in my opinion. There is a place too far. A push too breaking. A demeanour too damning. And our acceptance of everything has left us with a class of nothing.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I still believe in class. And in keeping class.

What does that mean exactly? Well, being classy is about a few things. It's about how you carry yourself, how you care about people, how you are a genuine and committed person, how you have a moral compass, how you present yourself physically, and it's also about how you step away from self ostentation, demonstration, or attention. It is about putting your character before the stage and fashion of the times.

There's not much class out there in recent years. Lots of people call themselves liberated and use this as an excuse to do whatever pleases them. This selfish attitude is so pervasive that it's rotting out our communities and cultures. It's destroyed many relationships and lives. 

"There are all kinds of arrangements out there"

I'll never forget this line I heard someone use in reference to relationships. This is how they looked at it: "arrangements." 

I guess they're right. Is that not the saddest thing?

Where's love? Have people, foraying in the pasture shadows of their Peyton Places,  forgotten love? What it means to really feel something for another person. Empathy? Compassion? Trust?

Marriages break down, people have affairs. They say most men and women will be unfaithful to their partners at one time or another. The green grass will excite them for a time and all commitment will be thrown in the trail dust. Until that too becomes unsatisfying. Because they can never be sated. 

Honour brings contentment. Not ego.

But class isn't just about love. It's about being strong. It's about having character. Having heart.

Being true. 

I'm going to take a stand and say I really don't agree in this big free-for-all going on out there. This isn't Woodstock and love isn't free. You want to offer it for free, you can. But somewhere down the road you'll be paying. 

Class. It's about being brave enough to believe in goodness and to hold yourself to a higher meaning.

~ Aidan M.D. Ware

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