Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Guelph: A Matter of Perspective

standards., originally uploaded by Mary Calarco.

It all depends on how you look at it, really.
To some, Downtown Guelph is rife with social problems, controversial shifts in development, and the age-old claim of little parking.  But to others - like myself - we only see a very living, breathing place teeming with the intangible stories, and the successes. 

Take summertime, for example. The Market Square "Splash Pad" works as well for the public as it did when a winter rink. With the coming of the heat, all of our our civic spaces are humming along nicely. Downtown Guelph hosts our fabulous and varied Friday Noon Hour Concerts until September 14. We're also revving up for a killer 10th Annual art on the street Exhibition & Sale on Quebec Street, July 14.

And tonight? Well, our delicious and burgeoning Fourth Fridays offers so much to do and see. One such event is the collaboration between the Downtown Guelph Business Association, City of Guelph, Fourth Fridays Guelph, the Fab 5, and Dancetheatre David Earle  offering the free  Summer City Street Party in Market Square. We'll all get to listen to Doug Larson at 8pm, Matt Brubek at 9pm, then The Rubber Brothers. We'll be dazzled with a stunning water dance by Imageo Art Works, and finally be invited to dance in the Interactive Water Fountain "Splash Pad" ourselves to the world fusion music grooves of Eccodek.

This just skims the surface of the livingest life in the core this season. Stay tuned for more and then some.

We are undeniably vibrant and cutting edge from this perspective.


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