Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Guelph: Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Gordon Street , originally uploaded by rubberschmuckie.

Happy Friday folks,

Given that it's Father's Day on Sunday, I thought the whole, "Eat, Drink & be Merry" thing to be apt.
For me anyway.
My dear old Pa taught me many things, he showed me the world and the joy that lies therein, he taught me how to get my groove on, how to drive at 13, and perhaps above all, showed me how to eat, drink and be merry. I wouldn't be half the lass I am without his seriously shining living example.

So why not grab your Pa - if you've got one - and take him out to eat, drink and so on. Word has it that downtown Guelph has some world-class restaurants and pubs.

Or maybe go for the gusto and take him by the hand to the Father's Day Ale Trail .
There are no doubt a thousand more things going on this weekend - Aidan mentioned the Two Rivers Festival yesterday which will surely be one of the highlights.

And on to next week? We 're giddy with the announcement of the Wednesday Farmers Market, opening from 3 until 7pm on a day that suits some better than a Saturday morn. The news has been heralded with rousing cheers, and rubberschmuckie here has given our Market the superstar treatment in this shot.
Clearly one of our best spots to Eat, Drink & Be Merry.

As for myself, I'm all heads down with a particularly brilliant project - the 10th Annual art on the street Exhibition & Sale coming at Quebec Street July 14. Click on that hyperlink to have a look at the stellar line up of artists, and then save that date.

3 Cheers for you Dad,


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