Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Blog Guelph: John Galts' Guelph

I wonder if John Galt is turning over in his grave today.

Thanks to a 10/3 vote around the council horseshoe last night, Guelph is about to get an 18 story concrete box at the corner of Macdonell and Wellington Street - within spitting distance of the site where John Galt officially founded Guelph. This Guelph Mercury story offers up the details.

As far as tall buildings in Downtown Guelph go, I would be hard pressed to find anything positive to say about past attempts. The Park Mall is and has always been a butt ugly eyesore. And the Cardigan Street duo (which by the way are only 11 stories) do nothing to enhance the natural beauty of the river or fit with the architectural integrity of our downtown.

I'm a visual person. I love beautiful aesthetics. Will this project be designed to wow us? If history is the best indicator of the future, I seriously doubt it.

Sue Richards

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