Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Blog Guelph: (Day 9) live-work-play. Happiness for sale on SilvercreekParkway.

Terrific Tuesday to you and yours! Hurray, hurray it's May.

About a month ago I shared some striking images of G-town by our very talented Aidan Ware. Her project: Guelph, 100 Days in the Mirror caught the attention of Rob O'Flanagan from the Guelph Mercury - resulting in this story.

It's great that people like Aidan are paying attention to the goings on of our fast growing city. In days gone by, architectural beauty was demolished with little consideration and concrete ugliness sprung up like weeds. Cardigan Street is a fine example of hideous planning. Then there is my personal fave - THE PARK MALL.

Proponents of progress believe Guelph needs to grow UP - like 18 stories up. But I say - why be like Everytown Ontario?

It's very easy to be the same, boring jungle of tall boxes, big boxes and fast food boxes. But just imagine if Guelph retained it own unique character and charm. Perhaps we would stand out of the crowd and maybe, just maybe our distinctiveness would give us unparalleled cache. Seems to me, people go to the ends of the earth to experience ONE OF A KIND?

To be different takes balls. Can Guelph be different? It already is. The real question is - can we withstand the pressure to be the same.

Sue Richards

PS: Here's the latest Mercury story on 'getting higher in Guelph'.

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