Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog Guelph: Raise a Little Hell

A beautiful Friday to you all.

St. George's Square was buzzing yesterday with the re-return of summer.
I loved it.

From my perch overlooking, the thump-thump of competing corners of music shook me from my computer-glazed-stupor.

I witnessed a thousand different things happening all at once.

The break-dancing teens that make this Square their practice space put on a conspicuously brilliant show for the benevolent onlookers.
Couples were kissing.
There were readers, and eaters, bikers & firemen (yay!), yet more dancers...oh my!
I saw pockets of conversation - doubtless a few conspiracies, a whole lotta texting too.
And Mo, the hotdog vendor was rockin' as well.
This tiny slice of life in the greater geography of the world was animated beyond belief.

This then, is Community Engagement.

-Downtown Lynn

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