Friday, April 27, 2012

Blog Guelph: Open Doors

Church Door, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

As we head into the end of April's surprisingly gelid days, fear not. I have some beautiful plans for you this weekend.

Guelph Arts Council (GAC) spearheads yet another version of an annual excursion through our historic buildings and spaces. Doors Open is a province-wide program devised to instill knowledge, interest and pride in the architectural wonders at our very feet. Some virtually uncharted spaces are yours to explore here.

But before you get all the way to Saturday, do join in on the burgeoning community brew that is Fourth Fridays , in our Downtown. We'll be launching the brand new Guelph Cultural Mapping Project at the equally new Guelph Museum.

You can also experience Rob O'Flanagan's pensive poetic offerings in Old Quebec Street, get a merengue lesson from the Flying Dance Company, get thrust into the spotlight of Aidan's Photomob, check out some live body painting at Wyndham Arts, and so on and so on....each venue will have a map for you to help navigate.

If you find me on the street, I'll also give you a penny for your thoughts. Cheap? Who me? These pennies will be worth 2 cents in no time at all.

-Downtown Lynn

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