Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog Guelph: HOLD ON

hold me by digitalambitions/ Valerie Hogg
hold me, a photo by digitalambitions/ Valerie Hogg on Flickr.

Hold on to what is good
Even if it is a handful of earth
Hold on to what you believe in
Even if it is a tree which stands by itself
Hold on to what you must do
Even if it is a long way from here
Hold on to life
Even if it is easier to let go
Hold on to my hand
Even when I have gone away

~ Pueblo Indian prayer 

Sometimes on the road of life we slip. We forget or fail. Sometimes we fall. We fear or fight. But it occurs to me today that the most important thing of all, is holding on.

Holding on to our beliefs, to our nature. To our emotions, and to our futures. We have to reach out and grasp the things that we are and the things we love. Family. Nature. Friends. Community.  And never let go.  We have to work hard to keep them.

Yet some days are harder than others and sometimes it’s easier to let go. But the true test of life is when you can hang on. When you can unwaveringly stand your ground before the greatest storm and know that you speak the truth, that your feelings are genuine, that you deeply matter, that you will not be pushed down or be made to feel less. And when in the storm, the winds howl, and your footing grows loose, remember. Remember that you matter. You matter. And no wind or lightning or rain or hail or snow or thunder can take you.


Hold on to your dreams, for they are the road.
Hold on to your faith in yourself, for it is your house.
Hold on to your community, for it is your family.
Hold on to the seasons, for they are your years.
Hold on to the things that matter, for they are your gold.
Hold on to love, for it is your only answer.


~ Aidan M.D. Ware

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