Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog Guelph: Take a Bow

C'mon Spring, pull yourself together. This is getting downright embarrassing.
Now that I've got that niggler off my chest, I can carry on and tell you about some wondrous events of note to be felt in your core, in the core throughout the weekend. Some very creative excellence coming from our University up on the hill.
First off is ICASP - Improvisation, Community and Social Practice:, will be holding a symposium at 10 Carden entitled, Improvisation is Something We Live. "Blending performance and discussion, this symposium will investigate the ways in which improvisation, in its many incarnations as part of hip hop culture, can be a survival strategy for members of marginalized populations, a way to work beyond conventional limits of cultural, social, and political life".

Secondly, we have a continuation of performances by students from the Theatre Department at the Uni entertaining us with a few dynamic offerings:
Guelph EXPOsure takes place Friday AND Saturday.
Please Stand By, which goes at 5 p.m. in St. George’s Square, is “an interactive interpretation of reality versus its presentation in the media".
At 6 p.m., The Happy Traveler Café at 40 Carden St. is the site of a show called Pass the Props. It includes songs, dance, skits, monologues and audience discussion.
The Guelph Ghost Walk, which leaves from city hall at 7 p.m., is a one-hour tour of downtown Guelph “where believers will be proven right and doubters will doubt no more".

Now this event is not downtown specific, but we're hoping for everyone's participation. Guelph GIG is having another Lights out Relay for Earth Hour ,
"Earth Hour is a time for our community to come together to show its commitment to reducing our energy use. Last year during Earth Hour, Guelph doubled the reduction in energy use from the year before. This year we can do the same! Please register to let us know whether you plan to turn out your lights for Earth Hour or participate in the Guelph Lights Out Relay. Together we can make Guelph a conservation leader!
There's more. There's always more....this is truly the City that never sleeps.
A nickel for your thoughts?
-Downtown Lynn

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