Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog Guelph: Finding Heart

Glacial Kettle Lake, Awenda by Aidan M.D. Ware

Having heart means a lot of things. Pursuing hope. Holding courage. Handling obstacles.  Having strength. Hunting happiness.

But sometimes, you don’t find heart. When looking into the vitreous hourglass of time or scanning the faded coffee stained road map of your life, you sometimes feel you’ve lost heart. That the core of what you know and where you belong is somehow wiped out.

So how do you handle that? How do you find heart?

Everyone is so different. But I have to say I find heart in nature. Out in the backcountry on the trail to nowhere, with the sound of tree frogs and crickets, the rustle of wind at the top of old white pines, the scent of dogwood drifting on the soft pine-needle floor, the effervescent forest shadows shifting on the slopes of a mossy ridge.

If I feel down, the glacial rocks will hold me up. If I can’t find my place, the cool north waters of Georgian Bay will show me.  If I feel alone, the trees will shelter me.

I have never loved so much as in those moments. I have never felt like I belonged anywhere more than when I’m out on the expanse of the wild nowhere.

With my feet in an old glacial lake or on the hot trough of a sand dune, I don’t need to be anybody at all. I offer myself only as a vagrant watcher, an unremarkable addition to the spectacle of the natural world – just a bit of dust blowing on the chess board or at the water’s edge and onto another trail.

In the grass as in the snow, in the rain and the fog, in the rock and shifting sunlight, in the colours of dawn as at the sinking of sun, and in the drama of shadows and waterways…

 I find heart.

~ Aidan M.D. Ware


Also, take heart in the many amazing things going on Guelph! Today at 4pm MacStew is opening an exhibition by the venerable and fantastic Suzy Lake. Please join if you are free! Also, if you are like me and love to be outside or learn about all that is outside, do check out the Arboretum's ongoing workshops. Upcoming on March 23 is a session on creating ecological vegetable gardens. 

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