Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Guelph: These Streets are Made for Walking

Red Brick Cafe, originally uploaded by ICT_photo.

Good Friday lovelies,

On my many trips in and around downtown, I'm most struck by simple methods of communicating.
Of the common sense of place, of civility, and ideas-sharing.
Jargon-free zones.

The familiar places.
Unaffected neighbourliness.
The refreshing realness of it all.

I want nothing from you, nor you I.
This is understood.
I don't need to impress you, nor convince you of anything.

I love the pure and gorgeous notion that the passerby on the street is just as important to my greater sense of community as the more "powerful" public figures are.
Quite honestly, perhaps more so.

I am embraced by these streets, and by the people in the shops, waving and being welcomed for who I am.
Offering and receiving respect.
Someone's smile making mine all that much greater.

Maybe you'll get a feel for it at Market Square tomorrow, as City Hall celebrates the newness of it's space.
Join in the fun.

-Downtown Lynn-

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